The Perfect Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

An Easy Rice Krispie Treats Recipe with extra marshmallows!

The Perfect Rice Krispie Treats Recipe is one of my most popular creations. It’s the best rice krispie treats recipe, because it’s the perfect amount of marshmallow! Totally simple, gooey and buttery no bake recipe perfection!

So this might seem like a gimme. A no brainer. A “why is she even wasting my time right now?” Well, I might agree with you if I didn’t know better but…

You NEED The Perfect Rice Krispie Treats Recipe!

Here’s the thing. I am a krispie treat junkie. I’ve never met a marshmallow cereal treat I didn’t like. And in the time I’ve been running this website, I have created my fair share of marshmallow treats, but it all started here with this most perfect rice krispie treat recipe of all time. This recipe has been duplicated across the internets many times over, which I love seeing, and is even featured in my book!

And while I do have tons of fun variations, it always comes back to this recipe. It’s on-its-own perfection, and I know if you make it just once you will be hooked! No browning butter necessary today. No sea salt or dulce de leche. Just krispie cereal, marshmallows and butter in the perfect portions to make my rice crispy treat recipe.

Rice Crispy Treats OR Rice Krispie Treats?

And while we’re on the topic, how do you spell this beloved treat? It is Crispy Treat or Krispie Treat? I feel like it’s a pretty mixed bag! I am fully going with the “k” spelling, but I know “c” has a huge following. These are the things that keep me up at night.

The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe... so soft and gooey!

How to Make THE BEST Rice Krispie Treats

Ok folks, I am here to solve the worlds problems…everyone has had that “too hard” krispie treat. You know they one that scratches the roof of your mouth and leaves you with a scraped upper palate for 2 days? Not cool. And most likely you’ve had a too-soft krispie treat where there is too much butter or too many marshmallows making my poor krispie friends soggy and sad. Also not cool.

We’re talking krispie treat science today. The EXACT right proportions marshmallows to crispy bits.

What Ingredients Will You Need For Rice Krispie Treats?

Let me first state, the the ingredients are pretty basic and universal to most crispy treat recipes, but it’s all about proportions!

  1. Crispy Rice Cereal. Basically Rice Krispies Cereal or any variation of the cereal, generic, fruity or otherwise.
  2. Marshmallows. I prefer to use mini marshmallows in my recipe because I find they melt quick and more evenly, but you can absolutely use larger sized marshmallows. BUT the magic is in the extra minis that you throw in at the end that don’t melt completely so I definitely recommend mini sized. I also made this handy Marshmallow Conversion Chart to help you figure out how many cups or ounces you will need if you aren’t using minis.
  3. Butter. I use salted.
  4. Kosher Salt. Add a pinch to this when you’re melting the marshmallows and magic happens, friends!

How To Make Rice Krispie Treats

Tips On Krispie Treat Success

How To Prevent Krispie Treats From Getting Hard

  1. Don’t overcook the marshmallows. Once they are just melted remove them from the heat immediately. If you continue to cook the marshmallows they will get hard. Think of it like candy, the longer you boil sugar the harder the candy you get.
  2. Don’t over-stir the mixture once you’ve added the cereal. If you keep stirring you will break a lot of the cereal and it will get dense when you pack it in the pan.
  3. Make sure you press the mixture into the pan too densely. If you press it down too firmly you will have very compact treats, and you are going for gooey and light!
  4. Store them properly and airtight! I will talk a little more about this below.

What Else Can You Add Into Krispie Treats?

This is where you can get creative if you’re looking to switch up the classic!

  • Chopped Candy. Use about 1 cup of chopped candy and mix this in when you add your extra marshmallows! If you are adding in any sort of chocolate candy it might melt a little bit with the heat of the melted marshmallows, but it will be ok!
  • Other Cereal. You can use pretty much any cereal in place of Rice Krispies in this recipe. Try Froot Loops, Cocoa Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch…so many possibilities!
  • Vanilla Extract. To give your krispie treats a little hint of something special add in 1 teaspoon of vanilla into your melted marshmallows! Delicious!
  • Cinnamon. A little cinnamon stirred right into the melted marshmallows makes these really good!

No Bake Rice krispie Treats Recipe

How To Store Rice Krispie Treats

I think Rice Krispie Treats are always best the same day, BUT they can certainly be enjoyed for up to 3 days if stored properly. If you’re making them for the next day don’t cut them into bars. Cover the pan tightly with plastic wrap, making sure it’s air tight and then cut on the day you’re serving.

If you do cut them and end up having leftovers, you can store them in a large zip-top bag, or a plastic or glass container that seals airtight! Keeping them airtight is the key!

I never recommend placing the krispie treats in the refrigerator. It will make them very hard.

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

Sorry, no. This is not a great recipe to store in the freezer. They get very hard and chewy.

The perfect rice krispie treat recipe with extra marshmallows

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An Easy Rice Krispie Treats Recipe with extra marshmallows!

Perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

  • Author: Cookies & Cups
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 16 bars 1x
  • Category: Krispie Treats
  • Cuisine: Dessert


The perfect rice krispies treat recipe is easy, gooey, and sweet! Loaded with marshmallows!


  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 8 cups, plus 2 cups mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups Crispie Cereal
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (optional)


  1. Line a 9×9 pan with foil and spray lightly with cooking spray, set aside.
  2. In a large post over low heat melt butter. Once butter in melted add in 8 cups mini marshmallows, stirring constantly.
  3. Once the marshmallows are just melted remove from heat and stir in your cereal and salt until just coated in marshmallow mixture. Now stir in the remaining 2 cups of mini marshmallows.
  4. Pour mixture into prepared pan and press in evenly.
  5. Allow to cool completely before cutting into squares.


*Store airtight at room temperature for up to 3 days, but I always prefer krispie treats the same day they were made!

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The Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

265 Responses

  1. Jamie J.

    I always add more marshmallows than called for in basic krispies treats, and people wonder why they like mine better. ๐Ÿ™‚ When do you add the salt?

        1. Kayla

          Just made these!! Do you refrigerate to firm up or no? I was going to cut them in Easter egg shakes and dip them in white chocolate and decorate them

  2. Tanya

    Looks scrumptious! What are the tricks for keeping krispy treats fresh? My husband is in the Navy and I bake goodies for his department. The current request is rice krispy treats but I am worried to make them the night before and have them become less than awesome the next day. One thing is for sure, I will definitely be making these for myself and the kiddos this week. Yum!

    1. Shelly

      They are hard to keep fresh for sure. The only thing I might say is to let them cool and wrap the whole 9×9 pan of them in cling wrap, making sure it’s airtight.. and then let him cut them when he’s ready to serve!

      1. Tashea Holmes

        I’ve had luck when adding a slice of bread to my bundle is treats. Same for cookies. Add more bread slices for larger bundles of goodies

    2. Eileen

      These are absolutely perfect and shouldn’t be adjusted at all – Yum! I followed advice for storage and placed leftovers in a glass air tight container, already cut into servings, with a sheet of parchment paper between the layers and left at room temp rather than in refrigerator. Today is day two and they are still fine.

  3. Mmmmm! I love those big chunks of gooey marshmallows in that shot!! These look awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ And toasted marshmallows are totally my favorites in RKT too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lindsay

    Yep you are right these are perfect! My daughter just had one of these and said, “Mom these are the best rice krispie’s you have ever made. They are so chewy but they don’t fall apart!” I just had one too they are AMAZING I have finally found the perfect rice krispie treat recipe!!! Thank you I have been trying to find the perfect recipe for many years. The search is finally over!!! =)

    1. Christoper

      Yes! They are awesome. In fact you can use just ab any cereal. I jist made a batch w apple jacks. However, I crush up the apple jacks, bc otherwise it would be too hard. I call it Unicorn Vomit!

  5. stef b

    I always add less cereal than called for. If the recipe says 6 cups of rice krispies i use 5. Makes them amazing every time.

  6. Heather

    When it comes to homemade Rice Krispie treats, the extra mini marshmallows are key! I’ll admit I don’t mind the store-bought version (Gasp! I know…), but I whip up a batch myself every now and then. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. I like them both for different reasons. I’ll definitely use this recipe the next time I make them!

  7. Elisa

    Made these over the weekend and they are the perfect Krispie Treats. I wrapped mine individually in cling wrap and they’re still perfect 2 days later.

    1. Shelly

      I have to say that I typically always buy name brand. In a pinch of course the off-brand will be fine ๐Ÿ™‚ My personal preference is the taste of Rice Krispies, but it probably won’t matter much to most ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Emily

    These are the BEST Rice Krispie Treats I have ever made! I can’t believe it never occurred to me to add extra mini-marshmallows. I will make them this way from here forward! Thank you!

  9. BeverlyMcCall

    I just made this, it was very good!!! I have a question though,
    How to press the mixture evenly in the pan?? What do you use?

  10. Clarisa

    I would love to make these tonight but I only have the big marshmallows not the mini. How would I convert that to keep the treats soft?

    1. Shelly

      8 cups is about a bag and a half of mini marshmallows…and a bag of mini marshmallows is 10 1/2 ounces, I believe…so I would use about 15 oz of the large marshmallows to melt. As for the extra marshmallows that you add last, the only way to really achieve this is to use the minis, but you could cut the large ones into 4ths and do it that way. Hope this helps and hope they turn out.

  11. Jeanelle

    I’ve made these twice now and I’m in LOVE. I think it makes such a huge difference to add salt and never would have thought it would work but it so totally does. I’d done the “throw a handful of marshmallows in just before I press them into the pan” thing for awhile so I’m glad I’m in such good company (because you are one of my baking idols! Sorry…don’t be scared.) Anyway, thank you once again for the awesome recipe! Oh and I made your peanut butter & jelly bars again this weekend and those things are just the best. They are a bit of a labor of love with all the steps but so worth it in the end. And finally, SO excited about your book! Go, you!!!

    1. Katie

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who had never thought to put salt in them before! It’s like salted caramel or salt on a chocolate bonbon — just the right thing to counterbalance the sweetness!

  12. Terrie K

    I must add in a suggestion at this point
    “1 tsp of vanilla to the marshmallow mix”
    When combining the melted butter and the marshmallow s. add the vanilla. Your treats will have this wonderful flavor people will love!

    1. Shelly

      I wouldn’t put krispie treats in the fridge, it would cause them to get hard. I think they are best if eaten same day. I know that’s not always possible, so if you are keeping them multiple days make sure they are store airtight at room temperature!

  13. Angela

    I signed up to bring krispie treats for my daughters class thanksgiving party and thought I search for something different, that is when I came upon the heaven that is your sweet, gooey, little piece of paradise! I just made these and they are everything the comments say about them and more. I needed a lot so I made a second batch, Thinking “hmmm, how about a different flavor?” It is a Thanksgiving party after all. So I used pumpkin spice marshmallows for melting and then I added plain minis as per the instructions. Uh, can I say that we almost had WW3 in this house over who got to lick what! They are amazing so I thought I post a raving review on how amazing you are for putting this forth into the world before I head out to the store for supplies to make some that will actually make it to the party tomorrow!

  14. Jen

    Soooooo it turns out that you don’t have that roof-of-your-mouth stabby problem if you don’t wait for the treats to set up… Still melty = no pain. Great recipe either way!

  15. Tara

    these look yummy and my daughter is going to make these for dessert night!!! i can’t wait to eat them!!!

    just a little thing I noticed is that on the recipe after the article you typed in “post” but i am assuming you meant “pot”….

  16. Laura

    These were a homerun. And about the shelf life…they are gone before they can go stale. Yum, Thanks!
    Laura n Fam

  17. Jennifer

    Wow, my girls and I made these last night and we all loved them. Thank you for sharing your secret for the gooiest, chewiest rice krispie treats!

  18. Beth

    These ARE the perfect Rice Krispy treat! So chewy and marshmallow-y…
    I took them to a party where there were multiple gluten-free people and used the gluten free Rice Krispies, and they were devoured by all! Everyone thought they were the best they’d ever had. Thanks for sharing!

  19. AZ

    These were absolutely amazing!! They didn’t last longer than a day in our house!! I have requests to make them again this weekend!! I am gonna have to post these on my blog and refer them to you!! So yummy!! Thanks!

  20. tierra

    My husband and his coworkers have nicknamed these treats “crack snacks”. They are perfect! Thank you for sharing your recipe

  21. D Stokes

    I am so so excited to try this recipe but please forgive me for being a little slow, once you had the second bit of marshmallows, do you put it back on heat or just kind of let it met with the already warm mixture!

  22. Amy

    Hi Shelly,

    I totally want to make this recipe on Thursday for my son’s Valentine party. He actually prefers store bought Rice Krispie treats to the ones I usually make but his teacher asked for homemade so I am determined to find one that he will love. The only problem being- i need it for a service size of 24. Do you have your recipe on a site where you can type the servings in and it adjusts the recipe? Or do you think I could make this work for 24 kids? Thanks for any insight- I think this will definitely be a winner!

  23. Mia

    Just made these bad boys! This is my first time EVER making rice crispy treats.
    As I poured the mixture in I thought “just one 9×9? I might need two of them” but it was perfect. Thanks for the recipe, they are delicious!!!

  24. Randi

    How can I make these dairy free!? Will margarita e, coconut oil or shortening work?

    I have yet to be able to 1) make these dairy free and 2) have them actually set up and be transportable. Would like to try tomorrow!!!

    1. Jess

      I used an organic vegan whipped butter spread. It’s called earth balance. I found it at Walmart for a little less than $4 for 15 oz. My treats held up great!

  25. Mike Bacon

    So, here’s what I’m thinking. ( And now that it’s in my head, it’s not going to leave until I do this. Lol. )I’m thinking, ‘ Mike, why don’t you make these a triple threat ? You have your 8 cups, plus the 2 cups of marshmallows. So, here’s the third “threat”. Rice Krispie Treat cereal !!!!!!” Cereal that is made to taste like Rice Krispie Treats, with the 8 cups of marshmallow, with the 2 cups of marshmallow ??????? How could that possibly be wrong ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Jess

    Chose to try this recipe over the Kellog’s one and am so glad! You add two more Tbsp. of butter (I used a vegan organic spread) and 6 more cups of mini-marshmallows! I knew that those extras would really pay off. I dyed them orange/yellow and spread them in a large baking sheet. I plan on using Spring shape cutters for a playgroup. My husband gives them an addictive 5 stars and says they taste amazing!

  27. bell

    Shelly you are a genius!! These are the best treats I’ve ever made/had in my life! I speak for my entire family. Thank you so much:-)

  28. Brooke

    SO GOOD! I also added 1 cup white chocolate chips after with the extra mini marshmallows. They turned out fantastic thanks for the recipe!

  29. Jacee

    I’m about to make these but want to make sure I’m reading this right. That’s 5 bags of marshmallows right? It seems like a lot.

  30. Vicky

    THE BEST! I’ve made these a few times now for the hubbie’s lunches (I swear I have forearms of steel from mixing and stirring!) and my only tweak has been using a little less salt. Not sure if it’s just me, but I could really taste the salt the first time I made these, so I’ve been using a 1/4 tsp instead, and they are just AMAZING! Thank you!

    1. Amanda

      I agree 100%. Best Rice Krispie Treats, but definitely need to reduce salt to 1/4 tsp (which is what I told my daughter I’d do next time), and stick with unsalted butter (which I did use). Salted butter plus 1 tsp salt would be overkill.

  31. Lisa

    I’d like to make a big batch of these rice krispie squares. What’s the best way to store them and for how long if I don’t intend to eat them all right away?

    1. Shelly

      Store them airtigh and they will be good for a up to 2 days. They will still be edible after that, but they tend to get a little firm and past their peak!

  32. Amy

    I want to add rainbow sprinkles to this for a birthday treat – how many cups would you recommend adding? And would you add them in when you add the cereal and salt?

  33. Robert

    So, I’m a chef at a college and have a lot of liberty to make whatever I’d like. Which happens to be desserts. I like desserts. And as odd as it sounds, I always prefer the store-bought Krispy treats over homemade….just too inconsistent, too dry, too fall-apart-y…whatever.

    But I just made these (recipe X 6, used a large sheet pan, made ’em thick)…holy COW they are delicious!! Thanks for the recipe. You’ve converted me.

  34. Haley D.

    confession time : i have made this recipe THREE times in the past three days for three different groups of people and every.single.person absolutely loved them! seriously. everyone was commenting on the additional marhies added in at the end, and a handful of people told me “this is the best rice krispy treat i’ve ever had.” i was even called a Rice Krispy Treat Goddess.. which was a little weird, but these treats are THAT good! and so easy! thanks for sharing this amazing recipe! i’ve already got it memorized! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Megan

    These are amazing!!!! Hard to wait for them to set up. I love the salt in them and the extra marshmallows. Found my new favorite!!!

  36. Niki

    Oh no!!!! These are just waaaayyyy toooooooo delicious. I might eat the whole pan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks!

  37. Becky

    So if I need to make these for a large group I should make 1 1/2 recipes? I assume that these would still taste good without the salt? Some ladies I would be making these for have dietary restrictions. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Shelly

      yep, they will be ok w/o the salt! I have friends would double the recipe, make it in a 9×13… which makes them thicker!

      1. Robert

        I make them x6 for a full sheet pan, then cut them into 48 large “squares.” I have to admit, I multiplied the recipe, then smoothed it out a little for making that large of a batch. Here’s what I use:
        1 lb butter
        7 bags marshmallows (12 oz bags, 5.5 to melt, 1.5 to mix)
        10 quarts rice krispies
        1 Tbsp salt

        Unreal. DELICIOUS!!

  38. Sarah R

    These really were perfect. My husband’s comment: “There really isn’t any reason to ever use a different recipe for these.” Thanks!!

  39. Ana

    I didn’t go through everyone’s comment, so it may have already been mentioned, but, once these cool, would it be ok to use a starfish cookie cutter on them or are they too soft to cut them into anything but squares without falling apart?

  40. Robin Cahayla

    OMG!!! I am still laughingโ€ฆbut laughing out loud!!! How I know those “roof of mouth injuries!” The funny part is that I thought I was the only one. I think I still have scars from Captain Crunch. No joke!!! LOL!!! Thank you for making my day!

  41. Megan

    Made these last night and they were yummy! Really soft and buttery. Just the way I like them. I made a few adjustments, I used 7 1/2 cups of rice crispies and apparently 8 cups of marshmallows equals 64 individual marshmallows. I just did one large bag of regular sized ones and then threw in the two cups of minis. It turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Andi

    I’m looking for a good rice krispies recipe and yours seems to be the best one on the internet according to the comments and reviews so I will be giving it a try tonight (and I cannot contain my excitement — I am considering leaving the office in the middle of the day to get the ingredients). Anyway, I was just wondering if I can put wooden sticks on it and if I do, will it be able to hold its shape (and stay on the stick)? How thick will it be if I use 9×9 pan as instructed? Also, if I intend to add food coloring to it, which would you recommend – liquid, gel or powder? Thanks so much and can’t wait to try this one!

  43. Sam

    I’m sooo excited to try the recipe! I bought ingredients yesterday. I didn’t know how many bags needed so bought 3, I should have read comments, but now I have enough for 2 batches! Wahoo! There’s a buffet we go to that has yummy rice Krispy treats and I always take home a few ๐Ÿ˜‰ I say since I don’t eat that much I’m making sure I get my money’s worth! Lol! My hubby of course says make my own but last time I tried, I used the fluff and they weren’t good, I ended up throwing away half a pan of them! So while searching internet I found yours! I know they have to be better than my stolen rice Krispy treats lol I’m seriously debating making them right now after reading comments and it’s not even 5 am yet! I will comment back and let yall know how they turned out! I’m hoping they are just as awesome as they sound! I always make all the treats for my daughters class and I always see cute holiday Krispy treat ideas so I’m looking forward to these!! Thanks!

  44. Heidi

    Woohoo I’m a former dry and crunchy Rice Krispie Treat maker! I didn’t think it was possible.
    I made these for a neighborhood firework viewing party and they were so chewy and yummy. Thank you!

  45. CJ

    These sound great. I’ll have to try them. My favorite is to use cocoa krispies then stir in peanut butter chips at the end. Some melt and some don’t. Yum.

  46. Jessie

    A friend made these for book club and they were spot on! What a home run! I make a really good rice krispie treat, but this nails it! While I will probably use this recipe as is most of the time, I sometimes can’t help replacing one cup of the rice cereal with chopped Oreos. That’s always a crowd pleaser. Thank you for sharing this!

  47. I just made these for the second time and they are, once again, amazing!!! Definitely the perfect rice krispie treat, as the name states! The first time, I only had an 8×8 pan so they were really thick squares. This time, I added one more cup of rice krispies, one more cup of marshmallows (to the butter) and the last 1/3 cup extra at the end (using two full 10 oz bags of mini marshmallows total) and it filled up a 9×13 pan. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. It’s the only one I will make from now on:)

  48. Lorrie

    If I may, I’d like to stand on rooftop wearing a red flowy cape, and proclaim you, Miss Shelly, my newfound hero. I’m sad that you don’t live closer to me (Ohio), otherwise I’d pop over with a 5 lb. bag of sugar and an assorted grab bag of other lovely accoutrements (butter, marshmallows, sprinkles, and the like), and watch you work your magic. These are the bomb. There’s no other way to say it. I am now determined to make all your other tried and true varieties, and weep quiet tears of pure joy while stirring and patting. But before I begin, I am off to buy new Spanx…I’m gonna need ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing this dee-lightful recipe.

  49. Ana

    Great rice krispie treats! I love the extra marshmallows. It really adds an extra level of delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. Debbie

    Hi there! I have made these and they are THE BEST I’ve ever eaten. I’ve shared with church group, ladies game night, etc. I’ve made more than a “few” times. LOL!
    Anyway, my question is… how would I go about making these a peanut butter version so that I could dip in chocolate (reese’s type of taste)?
    Thanks! And THANK YOU for sharing this amazing treat!

  51. Marion

    hiya, I’m making a dog cake and was advised to use krispie treats under the fondant to create wrinkles. I’m worried that they will go hard. Cake won’t be cut for two days after I make it…….help

  52. Hannah

    There is nothing I love more than a slightly warm, fresh Rice Krispie Treat! I like to add just a little pure vanilla extract to the melted marshmallow before I mix it in with the cereal. I love the idea of the extra marshmallows!!!

  53. Angie

    This is a fantastic recipe. I made for the office and had to share the recipe with everyone after they disappeared very quickly.

  54. PSM

    These are the BEST ever. I’ve made Rice Krispie treats for years, but, these are far better than the recipe on the box. Thanks so much for sharing!

  55. Brigitte Kaye

    I couldn’t imagine how these would be so much better……but they are. Excellent. I took the advice of wrapping each piece with cling wrap and they are still perfect on day three. Mine were too sticky to press down with oiled fingers……so I used the back of a large soup spoon and that worked perfectly. Love it.

  56. Yari

    just made these and am now working on a second batch because the first is done. I used crispy rice sweet cream butter ave min marshmallows from aldi even though my husband said it wouldn’t turn out right because it wasn’t the original Rice Krispies cereal but he actually ate half the pan on the first batch and is already eyeing the second batch. Thanks it was a great recipe

  57. Amy

    These are delicious! The first time I forgot the salt & the second time I made them they were THAT much better. Love how simple they are. Thanks for a great recipe.

  58. These were amazing. I didn’t realize just how little marshmallows I was using on my old recipe. I put these in a 9×13 pan and they were fine – still quite thick – I imagine they would be very thick if in a 9×9 pan, but everyone has their favorite way to make. Thanks for a great, easy recipe!

  59. Katie

    If you don’t have a 9×9 pan, do NOT use an 8×8. It filled it to the top! haha!
    They still taste delicious, they are just very tall! I will use a 9×13 next time and report back!

  60. Grace E.

    My marriage has improved since finding this recipe. These are perfect. I add Dark Chocolate M&Ms (1.5 c.) per my husband’s request, and he just dies when I make them. Thank you so much for the rice krispie recipe of dreams!!!

  61. Jo D

    I used this recipe for my son’s first birthday and I didn’t get a single one at the party. I’ve been craving them ever since so I made them again and I kid you not my usually gracious self became very over protective of these rice crispy treats. You’d be a fool to share these. I think I scared my husband. They are THAT GOOD.

  62. Neta Buckwalter

    In the 1980’s and 90’s, I owned a deli and always offered weekend specials. One of my sell out items was Rice Crispy Treats. I made them with extra marshmallows but had a secret that kept one wondering why my rice crispy treats were the best…even better than “Moma’s”!. Once you have your treats spread into the pan, have ready a stick of room temperature butter. Cut a piece of waxed paper twice the size of your hand. Slather the butter onto the waxed paper and rub on top of treats. Make sure you have ample butter in those crevices! Place pan in freezer long enough for butter to firm up. Slice while cold and wrap each individual piece saran wrap for extended freshness.
    I made 20 (9ร—13) pans, three days a week and still ran out each day! Definetly not low cal but who cares when you’re eating a rice crispy treat?! Right girls?!!

  63. MariP

    The absolute best rice crispies ever. I made a batch and a half and put them in a 15.5 x 11.5 inch pan. It was perfect for a 1 inch thick treat. So besides making it a batch and a half (9 c. crispier, 12 c. marshmallow + 3 c. more) I made it with one stick of butter. They were fabulous! My dad who doesn’t usually like rice crispy treats said they were actually great because they weren’t sticky but so chewy, dense and soft.

  64. Yve

    Two things. Spray your pot with a light cooking spray before you add the marshmallows, and consider using a 9×13 pan. This recipe filled my 9×13 pan to the brim. Thanks so much! We can’t wait to dig in.

  65. These were a perfect cure for an evening sweet tooth. I liked the hint of salt, and I almost never salt my food. I added melted chocolate to half the pan for those in the family that crave something a little extra on their rice crispy bars.

  66. Made these, best ever krispy treats!
    Didn’t use as much salt. Haven’t had a great krispy treat in ages and was beginning to think I had imagined that they were ever yummy. But this recipe brought back all the yumminess of what rice krispy treats were for me back in my younger days!
    Made and shared them with The grandkids and they loved them too. Thanks for sharing this super recipe.

  67. Hananje

    Hi there, I just stumbled across your recipe. It looks amazing! Can I make these Rkt with big marshmallows? Maybe cut them up? Also, will this recipe work if I half it? Thanks.

    1. Hananje

      I just made half a batch as a test run, with the normal size marshmallows (cut into smaller pieces)… Amazing! Seriously amazing!

  68. Jess

    This is my go to ‘krispy treat’ recipe whenever we get the craving. Everyone raves about soft and gooey they are. I made it with cheerios as well and still were just as great!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe, I absolutely love it!

  69. Donna

    Extra marshmallow does sound good, but not good enough…. needs my secret ingredient. Rice Krispies Treats don’t come out of my kitchen without about 1.5 cups of peanut butter per basic recipe. So so very much better than the plain stuff!!!

  70. annie

    Any suggestions for how to add PB into this? My husband loves PB Rice Krispie treats and his mothers recipe falls into the “too hard” category……

    1. Shelly

      I have readers who add from 1/2 – 1 whole cup of peanut butter right into the melted marshmallows and say it’s the best!

  71. As of today, you have 191 comments for your “The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe”. After just one bite, I could see why. These are THE BEST Rice Krispie Treats. Your recipe reigns supreme. We will no longer make Krispie Treats any other way, but this way. The only change, and I’m the only one who wants this change in my family, is to drizzle some bittersweet chocolate over the top (who doesn’t want a little drizzle??).

  72. Mayra Solorzano

    We loved them!! Yummy! My husband and I made these for our late night coffee? He has many food allergies and it is hard to find something good and sweet he can actually enjoy eating. These worked great because of simple ingredients. Thank you & sweet treats/dreams!!

  73. robyn

    Made these tonight and they were truly perfection! The additional 2 cups of marshmallows made all the difference. Thanks for doing the research for us!

  74. Rebecca

    Hi! I made these a few weeks ago and they’re DELICIOUS! I will be making them again this weekend and my sister in law isn’t allowed any dairy… is there any possible non-dairy alternative to the butter that would still give a good result?


  75. Rebecca

    Hi! I apologize if this is a duplicate post… something weird happened!
    I made these squares a few weeks ago and they were absolutely UHMAZING. I would like to make them again but my sister in law is on a strict no-dairy diet. Do you think there is anything that I could substitute successfully for the butter?

  76. Heather Holtner

    I did everything you said except I added a little vanilla extract to it and did half and half plain and chocolate rice krisie cerreal lit tasted just like the kellogs rice krispie treats you buy at the store. Next time Im gonna do half rice cereal and golden graham cereal…creativity! yay. LOVE IT

  77. spizzwolf

    i just want to say thank you for this recipe. because of you, my rice krispies came out unbelievable. those extra marshmellows at the end were significant.

  78. Brian

    Ok, I canโ€™t go to bed without posting a comment. I followed this recipe to the โ€œt,โ€ and they are PERFECT. Wow, I had no idea a Rice Krispy Treat could taste this good. Alter the recipe if you choose, but trust me, theyโ€™re delicious if you make them like this recipe says to. Who knew that a Rice Krispy Treat could give you chill bumps. Yes, theyโ€™re that good!

  79. Sheri

    I have a new bag of jumbo marshmallows and only 6 were used. Would you have an idea of how many of those to melt with the butter?

  80. Alicia

    I never leave a review BUT I literally just made these with my son and OMG!! So easy, so simple and SO DELICIOUS!! I don’t think these are going to make it through the night. Thank you for sharing this recipe, definitely a keeper.

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  112. Dolores

    I have made these so many times, but always forgot to rate them. They are beyond delicious! People always ask me to make them, Love your website and love your recipes.

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  114. Jane Walkinshaw

    wow I’ve just sat here reading through every comment after reading the recipe through and thinking I don’t know about these. However the comments have convinced me to make them. I have 2 grandsons staying with me, and so tomorrow Sunday here we will make these. Just have to go do a little shopping first, but can’t wait to try them. I will post back and let you know how it goes. If they are as good as they sound I’ll have all of New Zealand making them lol. Thanks so much for this recipe.

  115. Waiting for them to cool completely is so hard!! ?

    And I second (or 5,782nd? There are so many on this post!) the comments above: this is the best way to make rice krispie treats. Like, they need to change the recipe on the back of the box.

    My 5 year old son wanted some from the store yesterday and I was like “woah, buddy, the ones we’ll make at home are waaaaaay better.”

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